2014 Year End

Check under Download Updates for the latest release - This year end release has all changes for 1099 and W-2 forms as well as program enhancements. Check install instruction to ensure you are on the proper release to install this update.
We are waiting on final Circular E adjustments f ...
Consilidated Financials and Year End

If you use the GL consolidation feature in TOM, you must manuallly move the calendar file in the consolidation company once you move to a new fiscal year. In General Ledger, Initial Setup, Calendar File, reset the current period to the first period of the new fiscal year - ONCE YOUR OTHE ...
TOM Systems can show you how to work more effectively through the use of the industry's most comprehensive homebuilding software...

The TOM Homebuilder System

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Duluth, GA 30097
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The Company's goal is to provide to their clients a superior software product designed, developed, and supported by outstanding technical staff with extensive knowledge of the homebuilding industry.

TOM Systems specializes in the residential construction and related industries. Our staff has many years of experience developing, installing, and supporting these software systems. Several of our personnel have had past employment with builders.

The Company has offices in Seattle and headquarters in Atlanta. These offices provide support, custom software modifications, consulting services, and assistance to our diversified clientele throughout North America. Our client base consists of homebuilders, land developers, multi-family builders, and other building related companies.

We offer complete software support over the phone and through modem linkups. TOM Systems' support staff will answer your operational questions and problems. The expertise of these people spans all aspects of the TOM Systems software and many hardware systems. Support includes almost all services other than training, consulting, or modification. These other services mentioned are available at an hourly rate.

TOM Systems is owned by it's founder and president Chris Maxwell. The Company has maintained profitability through several cycles of the Homebuilding Industry. During its many years of operation, TOM Systems has grown, purchased the rights to the TOM Homebuilder system, and acquired other companies to provide homebuilders with the best management information solution available.

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